It’s been a few days……But I am still here.

Hi friends,
It’s been a few days..I will pick for the contest on Sunday. That way it will give us a few more days to collect comments….and friends!

I have been quilting away! I keep getting shop quilts…as most of you know I also quilt for my LQS> That’s how I pay for my INNOVA LAQ machines. YAY! But this is the busy season…not only that it is I never know how many shop quilts i get each could be 5 it could be 45….so it’s hard to schedule sometimes…..But currently I am keeping a good schedule…

However…I wanted to post on here that my team mates are all looking for work….So any of you that have some last minute Christmas quilts contact me…we can get them in now..I wasn’t sure how things were going to go … Sally and Brianna can take work..YAY!

Carla and Mary will be here any minute now (you know my Besties??) So we will have fun this weekend. Clarissa has her ballet recital tomorrow..she is a snowflake…so I will post pictures..she is pretty excited. The dress rehearsal was tonight.

The boys are visiting their great Grandma in Bellingham, WA. She is ill right now..not doing very well. My Ex-husband’s family has many roots in that town…she is the last living relative ..both of his parents are deceased and she is the last living grandparent and great grandparent. She is a wonderful woman.
If any of you are from Bellingham…”Horton” Road is named after my Ex-Husbands family….and Yes I did keep my ex- husband’s last name because we have 3 boys together and when we blended my current family I didn’t want them feeling left out…I kept the same name for them.

For the gals who have been asking me about Sewing expo…We did try to get in but apparently they won’t let us in…so we are trying to get a spot at a LQS …I will give you details if we book a spot.

I was hoping my new furniture would have been here by now the girls could see..but still no word. Rob worked on trim again today…he still has some transition pieces to put on the floor…which drives me crazy because it still looks unfinished…..but he likes to take his sweet time …( maybe he likes me nagging at him??…I doubt it)

We went and bought Clarissa a coat today. She won! She had a coat…I am not sure what she did with it. IF she donated it without telling us? If she lost it? Nobody knows. So she keeps telling me she needs a new one..I keep telling her to find her coat. Well it has been weeks and it’s freezing outside. When walking home from school she saw that one of the churches had a sign “Free Coats for Kids” ..she told me We should go there and get her a coat…UMmm No….those are for needy children..not her. So she has been going to school with hoodies on..because I have a feeling she knows where her coat is and she isn’t telling me…so apparently she would rather freeze than give in and tell me what she did with it. I would believe her except she keeps track of everything. SO I think with all the donating going on around here..she wanted a new different coat.

So instead of taking any more chances of making her freeze to death outside….or having CPS called on me..I thought I would give in and buy her a new coat. It kills me..but at some point you have to give in for safety reasons…right? She is just so darn stubborn…it’s ridiculous…..and later on when she fully understand..I am going to point out how she would have rather taken a coat from a needy family than just be honest and tell me what she did with her own coat.


Sabrina came over and quilted today…which is always fun. She and I are like two peas in a pod…..we like the same things..she saw a bit more than she probably intended because I had to crawl in my cutting table and fix some things an got stuck..LOL. Oh well…good thing we are friends.

Of course Friday breakfast with my friends…..our waitress is really nice…and she always has our drinks ready for us…and she is just a nice gal with good values. So what did we do? We all made her a quilt! Sally sewed the top together from blocks that we have all made….and Virgina got the backing..she is also going to bind it…I am quilting it. Can we say “GO TEAM”…Gotta love quilters!

Well I should head out now…I am going to work on pictures…..more to come.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a few days……But I am still here.

    1. HI Judy,
      The quilt has not arrived yet. Maybe it will today….I usually get my mail late in the afternoon..I will let you know as soon as it arrives. Thanks so much.

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