It’s a SNOW day!

Yep! It snowed is still snowing it could also possibly rain. I fully expect school to start late tomorrow because of ice….I am supposed to have a breakfast date with Preston…But I will postpone that if it is late start and make breakfast for all my kids…remember the new waffle irons we bought for the first day of school? Those will be getting some more use. If they don’t plans stay the same.

I have to say I grew up in Anchorage, AK. I LOVED the SNOW. I loved sledding and snow mobiles…and everything involved with snow. I love when you look out your bedroom window in the morning and there is a pure white blanket of snow…it is so beautiful. I love the cuddling with a quilt in front of a fire reading a book snow day ( I haven’t taken one in a long time….so this year I will..for sure!) There is something so beautiful about snow. Moving to WA …we don’t get many snow days. It seems to be getting more and more so….since moving here 20 years ago I can say we have had more Christmas’ without snow than we have had with snow. So maybe this year will be different. We better gear up around here…I have CUTE new mittens to wear as well.

Here is a picture Tootsie in AK made them for me. She personalizes all of her mittens so if you need some I can have her contact you. Just leave me an email.



So the kids’ bean bag chairs came in toady along with my new computer desk.

They each got a different color ….Do you think that keeps them from arguing? No They had to argue about which color they were going to get….they drew numbers and still argue.UGH! But now they are set and done.

Rob is putting together my little book shelf for my room. Tomorrow I have to start setting up my room..which is going to be time consuming…I really wish I had elves. I have so much laundry to fold and put away it’s insane.

Do you see that I learned how to use color…LOL.

SO tomorrow is Proverbs chapter 2. If anyone wants to follow along.


Today while picking the kids up from school…cause i didn’t want them walking home from school in the snow ( Something I wouldn’t be able to do if i didn’t work from home) We stopped at a thrift store to drop off books and Clarissa’s old toys. I was more sad than her. She went through them all it was difficult for me to let them go because she used to love all the toys when she was a toddler and to think she is past that stage ….but I can’t hang on to everything. I need to let it go and know I have those precious memories.


We kept her favorite babies. She had one baby in particular. it was HER baby. She would carry a diaper bag around and change her baby, and feed her baby during church. One time her baby got lost at daycare. It was a Friday night. They gave her a substitute baby to bring home, for the weekend. My brother and his partner happened to visit us that weekend. It was so sad….Clarissa woke up from her nap and saw this “other” baby and started crying profusely….saying “This is not my baby!….where is my baby” No explaining could comfort her. She even threw the baby down the stairs and said “This is Linda’s Baby!!!” She was a wreck…My brother felt so horrible for her ..he took her to wal-mart to pick out any baby she wanted. That didn’t work. She had to go a whole weekend without her was the worst weekend of our life. I told Rob, “Clearly she is never going to be a candidate for adoption…throwing Linda’s baby down the stairs and all” You should have seen her Monday morning…She was like a whole new child. She was so connected to that baby. Clarissa still couldn’t part with it….but it’s in a box labeled for storage. Kind of reminds of Toy Story 3…which made me cry.

Well those are all my crumbs for today….so many thoughts and things going on in my world currently….but Life is good…God is Great! Many blessings to all of you.







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