It’s a Snow Day & UFO List

IMG_7893I got a call at 6am from the district stating there was a late start today. Then I got a call stating it was a snow school. It started snowing late last night and snowed all night …it’s no longer snowing. It’s the first “real” snow of the year. By that I mean it stuck to the ground & covered it for more than an hour. 🙂 It didn’t come until almost February. Weird.

It’s perfectly ok. So the kids are playing board games and relaxing. YAY! I went to take pictures on the deck and this is my view:IMG_7894

Another sideIMG_7892 IMG_7891

It’s beautiful & bright. Love it! So today will be an indoor kind of day. I wish I had fixins for soup….it’s just that kind of day. But I will stick to the menu plan…..I have a goal in mind. I am determined to stick with it. 🙂

Perfect quilting weather, right?

I am trying to get through some of my quilt top bins. I don’t have many UFO’s to work on….well kind of —->Here’s the list again:

UFO list




1. Quilt tops that just need to be quilted. I have 4 bins of unquilted quilt tops right now. ****This is what I am working on lately***


2. 9 patch quilt & Granny squares quilt.( I was going to work on these but need some white fabric…it’s on order)

3. My crazy quilt..I am not sure that this will get accomplished this year because it requires a lot of hand work.


4. My Felted Women wall hanging ( again all hand work)


5. my Crab Apple Hill ~Over the woods~ The embroidery is always being worked on but I haven’t even started the blocks **This is actually close to being accomplished*


6. Dear Jane


7. My colorful trees. I started these cool trees a few years ago that use a specific fabric. I really need to get these done.


8. I also have various embroidery projects that I started 10 years ago~ they are completely not anything in my style now but I just can’t let anything go…so I will have to work on them as well.


9. My Autumn wool BOM. I have only one block finished.


10. I have blocks from some exchanges I did this year. They are all the same blocks..but two completely different feeling quilts. SO I think I will need to add to both sets and make two different quilts.

11. Mystery Quilt. 1 step left and then I can start putting blocks together

12. Black, White, red & gray quilt. All cut out. Simple pattern. A few hours and it could be done.

My list is kind of stagnant because I have some labor intensive projects on there. 🙂

There is only 50 days until the official day of Spring. That should keep us going until garden season right?

I hope you all have a great day!



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