It’s a Funny Thing…..I just want to share

I went to my front lawn today to take pictures of Lori’s quilt.

This is what I saw:

Little bits of balloon confetti all over the place. It has been really HOT here lately. The kids have been in bathing suits…There have beenballoon wars..sprinklers..and clearly a broken bucket from when a balloon just wouldn’t due the trick. Note the special balloon filling attachment on hose. hehe. The many squirt gunslaying around. They must think since they are not inside they don’t have to pick up after themselves….Guess what they are doing after school today?

Bryce had to spend time in his room last night for bringing a water balloon in the studio….then it busted. Thankfully not on any quilts…or he would be spending weeks in there!

when they aren’t playing with water outside..this is the {current} favorite cardgame. Or lately it’s risk. Risk it so much more work to get out and put away.This is the meal plan….Typed before I had a change of plans.Kid food..easy to prepare meals forthem to fix without me. Nothing really good…except theirveggies!

here are the nice parts of my yard today. My Iris’ I love them. They started out just a few plants from my granmas’ garden …and now I have transplanted them several places…theyare beautiful for about 10 days. LOL

Also my first bloomed Daisies

I have a little yellow rose blooming….thankful for these blessings.Things to document& remember. Little everyday blessings……Shouldn’t take them for granted.

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