International Round Robin

Round Robins

So I am part of an International Round Robin (IRR)

What that is:

Well a group of us get together around from around the world …to work on each other’s quilts. So each person makes a center..there are size specifications. Then each person sends his/her center on to another person in our group. The next person interprets the piece and adds a round between 3-8 inches onto the center they received. Then sends the piece on to the next person in line. So each person gets a new center to work on each month..when your quilt arrives back to you …you have a complete quilt that everyone in the group has worked on. Make sense? The only rule is that you can’t just add a border of plain striped material…you can piece it, applique or anything but just don’t put plain fabric…that’s no fun.

Well I sent mine out and received this one. This belongs to Victoria. This consisted of the center block and the first black border…so I added the little blocks of batiks and the outer black now this center is ready to go on to the next person….I just love it! I am excited to see how all of our quilts turn out….I will take pictures of everything I work on and share them here….

So the next quilt I get will have the original center, plus a border of some sort that the first person added to the exciting!

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