Instinct By TD Jakes

So I started this book about 18 months ago..I had read about 75% of it and set it down. I am so easily side tracked. LOL

This is a Christian book. So if you are not a Christian it is still applicable…because he wrote it in a secular way.

TD Jakes is a Pastor …of a Mega Church called the Potter’s house. He makes several appearance all over Tv and he has business in music, Tv ect.

So I want to say that in Christian language we don’t usually refer to “Instinct” or “intuition” as those things..we usually call it the Holy Spirit.

As Christians we believe that that internal guidance we receive within us is the Holy Spirit…..However, If you don’t believe in the Trinity ( God, Jesus and Holy Spirit) you may refer to that as Instinct or Intuition.

I wondered throughout the reading of this book if he purposely chose the word instinct to make it “mainstream” which I am sure is the case.

No matter what you believe ….there has to be a time(s) in your life when you heard that inner voice in your mind that told you to do something or not do something…you went against it with a bad result. That’s what this is talking about.

When you start to trust your inner voice ( what ever you call it) and you start to really see the results of listening….it’s an AMAZING experience. TD Offers a great perspective in several areas of this from natural, animal comparisons and running a business or leading a home.

He breaks down the differences, how to optimize it in certain situations, how to compare and also inspire. He combines new opportunities with past experiences to help you differentiate and improve yourself.

I think if you are a person that is constantly in situations when you feel you can’t trust your own judgements-> you need to read this book. It will help you listen better. I started reading when I was going through a difficult time and it really spoke to me….and then when I finished it ….( only a few chapters) I felt like I had a pretty good handle about my  intuition. However, there have been times that I have fallen….just like we all do.

He is really trying to get you to see your own potential….because when you operate with your full potential and trust your instincts– great things are awaiting for you. If you have ever heard him preach ( which I like to do every now and again) You will understand that he speaks from lots of love and insight. and he is very positive. I like that about him.

So I would say if you are wanting to trust yourself more…read the book. It’s a good easy read.



2 thoughts on “Instinct By TD Jakes

  1. Thank you Charisma for sharing your review of this book. I too like T. D. Jakes, a great preacher and leader in the Christian religion. I thank you also for sharing your spirituality so openly on your blog. It is evident that your faith is very important to you and I appreciate you sharing how it affects your life. I enjoy your blog about life, books, quilting, all of it! Thanks and God bless! Helen

  2. Hi Charisma….I know about Jakes and his ministry. Powerful. Thanks for sharing your belief system….and your reactions to his book. I haven’t actually read his works, but have been told how much he has meant to some friends. I must get this one.

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