Infinite Blessings

This is my first time working with Doris ….and she sent this beauty.



It’s pretty AMAZING!

It’s an apple core quilt. This quilt is not for the faint of heart…..all the cutting, clipping, curved sewing ect. I would also like to report with all of those variable the quilt was really square! I think it’s safe to say Doris is a professional! 🙂



She named the quilt infinite blessings! It suits it so well.



She requested that it be quilted with olive green thread. It’s difficult to see in the photos but each fabric has an olive green accent . I just gave each fabric it’s own design and framed it in with feathers in the coral pink color. It finished up beautifully.




Stonehenge for the back:


Thanks for trusting me with your masterpiece Doris! It’s been a pleasure!

One thought on “Infinite Blessings

  1. Can’t believe what I am seeing here, it looks fabulous! You are one amazing individual, can’t wait to see it! Thank You a million times over!

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