I Love Lucy

HI Friends! It’s been a few days since I posted. It’s been a seriously busy week. Between all of of house projects, appointments and freaky things happening this week…I have been out of routine. Cole was in a fender bender……So that added a lot of extra stuff to this week. Rob is helping him get his car fixed ect. So anyway I didn’t make a post for a few days…but I do have some things to share.



So as many of you know I trade piecing for quilting with some people… Annette and I have been working together several years now. I gave her a bunch of “I love Lucy” fabrics a few years ago and asked her to make me a quilt. She made 2. I can’t seem to find the first one she made to make a link for you all to see…..I wish I would remember the name? I quilted it in 2012…..My Mother in law really wanted that quilt and I gave it to her…Only because I knew I had this one left for me. Pink is my favorite color. šŸ™‚ I like to trade quilting for pieced tops…because I can’t possibly keep up with everything. I like to have a bountiful amount of quilt tops to practice. I also like to have different styles and things to work on. I know that I can’t possibly try every design…..and I won’t be exposed to the same ideas of someone else. So it’s a blessing to share art, Creativity & strengths. šŸ™‚



So Annette pieced this and she did a great job. I had big wide open spaces to work in…which was perfect for me to practice something in. I bought a new cross hatch system. It’s the system that ABM sells…it’s the quilter’s rule system. I had heard when I first started that this system is cumbersome ect. IĀ  have to say ..I really like it. I have a few different Cross hatch systems that I have tried. As you all know I don’t have a computer…so everything I do is freehand ( or with rulers) …I have no problem doing a small area with my ruler…..But when you are cross hatching a large area…it is very difficult to keep everything lined up perfectly as you are walking your ruler around. Unless you have pre-marked. Marking is fine…but it is very time consuming and some how I would still make mistakes. It really made me not want to take any all over cross hatch jobs. Forget about whole cloth quilts. If you are a freehand quilter….it is VERY time consuming to do so much ruler work and it’s difficult to balance the love of quilting and also make money with it. If I put 20 hours into a small quilt and make 80$ it’s really not cost effective…to offer that service. So I am always looking for certain tools to help me maximize my time and ease the process. This ruler is really great for cross hatching. It took me a bit to get the hang of it…so I had to practice on one of my own so I could make mistakes on it…and get the groove before trying a customer quilt. ( I will show you that one tomorrow) .




So if you look closely you can see a few mistakes and that is perfectly fine. It’s my own quilt. I like imperfections.



I quilted hearts in the wide open spaces as well…so I could treat them like appliques or something that I have to work around. I tried different angles….and sizes. I just had fun with the rest…easy designs for a fun quilt.



I love Lucy. They play the re-runs late at night on the Hallmark Channel. Every year Lucy is still voted the number 1 comedy. Those shows are timeless and loved by many! She never disappoints….neither does Annette. I can’t wait to show you all my Elvis quilt. She pieced that for me too!

IMG_0440 IMG_0441 IMG_0442 IMG_0443

The back….I had been hoarding this pink fabric for so long….you don’t even know how long…..It’s one of my favorite pink fabrics…and now it’s in a quilt. It’s in a quilt I am keeping so that makes me feel better……I am a quilt hoarder! I own it!


Thanks Annette! Took me awhile to get this quilted….I would take it out..put it back. Take it out put it back. Same with the 30’s Tin-man pattern. I just love that quilt so much it stumps me…so I haven’t quilted it. I think I need to quilt it with an all over….I can’t part with that one either. LOL

blessings to all you! Have a great day!

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