Hypnotic Stripes

Judy is a local quilter. This is our first time working together. I love her little quilt.



It took her awhile to collect all of the different stripes for this project……but each block is a different print of stripes. Then she cut them and pieced them back together to make this hypnotica type design. Pretty neat, right?


IMG_9817 IMG_9818


So I quilted with an all over swirl to carry out the theme. This is going on my list of techniques to try. I already collect striped fabrics anyway….I just love them…but I know not everyone does because they are difficult to work with sometimes. But I just throw caution to the wind and let it go sometimes….and it works out lovely.


IMG_9819 IMG_9820


Here’s the back:



Thanks Judy! It’s a pleasure working with you!

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