House Progress

Well yesterday after I was “kindly” kicked out of the house to go shopping…LOL. The kind of shopping that Sally referred to as “Performance Art” HAHAHAHA!
If she only knew! You know time goes by so fast….I am not even kidding when I say….Sabrina and I walked up to the cutting counter and the three girls cutting fabric groaned….LOL. One of us I am pretty sure gave us the evil eye…but it was hard to tell because it was late..maybe she was just tired.

Anyway I got home and immediately came to the family room (downstairs) because that is where everyone the computer…so I chatted with them….and made my entry…then made my way upstairs. They had Clarissa’s room put together….and they had emptied mine and Rob’s room. YAY! Our mattress was on the floor so we could camp out…LOL. We are to old not to be able to sleep comfortably.
So today after church I have to go buy paint….that could be done today! How exciting!
I am so excited for my new room. I already have an Amy Butler bed skirt….and some throw pillows. I bought them on sale last spring they have been waiting for my new room. I need some new curtains….Me new room is going to be bright and cheery. I can’t wait!

I walked into Clarissa’s new room…Oh it’s so nice….Things are coming together….Finally. One room left and possibly a bathroom if I can convince Rob.

Today we are having a potluck after church…it’s the church’s anniversary….I have school work of course. Only about a month left of school and then I am finished. I was half tempted to just let it all go this quarter…..but I shouldn’t do that.All the money I have paid…I just need to get it done.

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