Hope Quilt

IMG_8510Clarissa and I share the same middle name. It’s Hope. I really dislike my first name. I have thought about legally changing it dozens of times. I even have an alias that I go by when I must give my name to strangers. I have had the alias since I was 12. It’s a normal name….a pretty ….and normal name. I promised myself that when I had kids I would not torture them with hideous unusual names…..because living with an unusual name isn’t really fun. I have grown to accept my name….(kind of) but the part of my name that I do like is Hope. My grandma named that part of me. When choosing names for Clarissa I lost the bet that she would be a boy so I didn’t get to choose her first name and I was stuck with the middle name. So I just gave her my middle name and it’s good that we share something special like that.IMG_8507

So when I saw this Tula Pink quilt. I bought the pattern. I have the word play book and I know I could figure out the pattern but I think it’s good to support my favorite designers. 🙂 So last night Clarissa and I put this together. I did all the cutting ( & ripping out) while she did the sewing & pressing. The improv letters are good for her because you don’t have to be so precise and after cutting the blocks they all worked out perfectly.    We changed the word “LOVE” to “HOPE” since Hope means something to us and it’s good to change things up a little. So Clarissa pieced the whole quilt herself. 🙂 She was very anxious to quilt it herself as well. IMG_8503 IMG_8504

However last time she used the long arm it was traumatic because for some reason she thinks she should be able to quilt her vision without practice…:) When it didn’t turn out the way she wanted it turned into a melt down. This time around she thought she should try the Loricles templates. She practiced them last night without actually quilting….just running the machine & stylus through the board. Then I had to finish a king size that was on the frame….so she could get hers on there. She was actually focused and she did the whole quilt without breaks.  There are plenty of imperfections…but this time around ..All I heard was “Oh it’s so pretty” and “Oh look at it” …”oh i love it” it just goes to show you that when you love something and you see it coming to life it will keep your attention. I think she and I share more than our IMG_8505 IMG_8506middle names?

She was also unsure if she should quilt over the “Hope”…she loved it so much she didn’t want anything to interfere with it. I was like that when I started quilting too. It’s funny that we get like that…but I told her she should. I am happy that she feels success and the Loricle templates helped her accomplish that. 🙂 Sometimes tolls make it easy for us to accomplish our goals.  IMG_8508

I think her little quilt turned out beautiful. She is pretty proud of herself. 🙂


Here’s the back. The back took a bit of coercing. she of course wants to choose from some of my  yardage that I wasn’t willing to part with for her backing…but I couldn’t let her see the fear in my eyes….or she would have pounced on it like a tiger. She was already upset that I didn’t have any minky for her to put on the back….so she had to settle…and this Aneela Hooey fabric fit the bit along with some gray. Now I want to make myself a “Hope” quilt just so I can have fun quilting in all the negative quilt space. 🙂


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