Homecoming 2014

This is is a different year…All 4 of my boys could potentially go to the Homecoming dance.

Bryce asked his Girlfriend Demi. ( Ironically it’s the same girl we went to all that trouble for last year..who dumped him at the last minute….I am pretty sure she won’t do that this year. Thank God….I am not sure I could handle that again….& you know it’s all about me. LOL)  It was a simple ask this year. He bought her flowers and just asked. He was thinking he shouldn’t even do that much…but then he decided that he didn’t want that to be the memory or “experience” as I am always driving into them. So he decided to at least do that much. Good guy. I am glad I am raising good boys.

Carl is thinking of asking a girl. Which would be a HUGE leap for him. The other kids keep talking about. Carl really loves to dance….he just doesn’t like to talk. LOL So that’s the tricky part. I am hoping he takes the leap and gets out of his comfort zone. I sure hope she says yes…so that he isn’t rejected. That will hurt him deeply if he finally takes the leap. I am not sure that I can comfort him with that…I’m just the mom….so I am not allowed to think anyone could or should reject him. truth.

Preston is a freshman. He hasn’t committed to anything. Waiting to see.

Cole however has a girlfriend as well. This will be his first formal dance. He wants to do everything the right way & perfect. He thinks every thing out. He got permission from Makayla’s parents to ask her to the dance. He thought of this proposal because she is a soccer player. We set her up …she didn’t know what he was up to…so we ended up waiting for an hour at the field for her to show up..her parents couldn’t get her wrangled up to go to the field. I have to say I was getting very impatient. But Cole really wanted me there to take pictures. He wanted every detail covered. I felt special that he wanted me there. I also felt validated all of those times they have whined about the photo moments I make them stand still for…now that they are getting older they want them. 🙂

So these first two were taken at our original goal. But while we were waiting..we decided to move to a different goal. More private and better backdrop for photos. 🙂

IMG_0154 IMG_0155

We had waited so long many of the little girls were waiting for the event to happen. They would sit and stare on the sidelines.  They said “Awe” They thought it was so sweet. I think He stole every little girl soccer player’s heart on the field.

Rob helped him choose the flowers. Clarissa just likes to be a part of every big moment so she went with us. I think it’s good for her to learn how men need to treat her. She needs to learn by the examples of the men in her life. Which is her father and her brothers.  She will know what to expect and what she deserves. 🙂 So I let her tag along to these events..even if she is a pain sometimes.

IMG_0156 IMG_0157

So this is the new backdrop. Had to test out the photos.

I am not going to lie…..as soon as Makayla’s walked down the hill & realized what was happening ->I saw how vulnerable Cole felt and I teared up. I thought I was doing a good job of hiding it but her mom noticed. LOL I tried to hide in the back until it was picture time. Rob was telling me while we were waiting that I needed to back up and not be front & center. It’s not my moment. Cole wanted me there to catch the moments. I wouldn’t steal his thunder…but I also feel like it’s my moment. These are the moments that a mom lives for. It takes away all of those hard moments that you had to deal with to get to this cherished one. I had to laugh when he said that to me ….Do any of you watch The Goldbergs on Wednesday nights? Beverly Goldberg is the “Original Smother Mother”…..I am a little bit like her-> I will admit. But the episode from Wed night ….Adam had made a mix tape for his girlfriend and his mom thought it was for her. LOL She called it a “Mixture tape” So I told Rob I was secretly hoping after this event with Cole ->he would make me a mixture tape. LOL …Then all I could think was “You are the inspiration” LOL

If you are an 80’s kid…you absolutely need to watch The Goldbergs. It is hilarious!

This is my favorite picture. I love his face. All of his anxiety and planning paid off. It makes me tear up just looking at it.





And here’s proof that she said Yes.

IMG_0160 IMG_0161


They are so adorable. I am never really ready for these moments. I have to say my heart swells every time. I know I have to let them go through it…but a part of me always reverts to that little chubby baby that stole my heart. I know everything about him…his favorites and his habits. But I must let him share those things with the world so he can use his gifts.  He needs to complete his journey and he is taking his first steps toward that……it’s really a beautiful thing. I will remember this always.


I hope you all have a swollen heart today.





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