Homecoming 2014

Well the BIG day finally arrived. Cole’s First Formal Dance. His first Homecoming.



I have to say I was feeling a bit ….I don’t know how to explain it…..like I was going to be short changed because I have the boys. The mom to the boy who doesn’t get to see all of the special events…like the pictures and the fun stuff. But thankfully I did. It’s because the other mom included me. I can’t say enough how nice it is to have parents on the other side of the equation that are Christian, loving and good parents. Seriously.  I stayed for over an hour  at their  house soaking in each moment. Holding back my tears and seeing how happy my son was. Not only was it me that stayed at the house But Carla ( my bestie and she is like an Aunt to my kids) , Clarissa and Bryce went with me. We all wanted to see Cole and his date, Makayla. I took my camera…but I didn’t get many shots. I let her mom take them…and she is going to send them to me. I have a few shots in the house…but we also went to a graffiti building and took a bunch more. group shots, couple shots ect. It was like a wedding shoot. LOL I was more concerned with just soaking it in..and feeling the experience rather than documenting it. I have learned to do that more…because I know how precious these moments are to me.

Cole was vulnerable and excited and oh so happy. He handled everything well and I think he was a real gentleman. But you know ->I am totally bias. 🙂

Cole is Makayla’s first boyfriend…so Cole is subjected to all of the stereotypical things that father’s & grandfather’s do to young men. So When Grandpa arrived….we got this picture:


Cole between Dad & Grandpa.

Cole cracked many jokes about being the tallest person in the house. He was. 🙂

It was really windy out…so we were waiting to see if it would die down for outdoor photos


I can’t say how big my heart swelled in these moments. Because I thought it would burst out of my body. I can’t explain how proud I am of these young men I am raising. I know I could have it way worse than I do. But these are the moments that bring me bliss. They are such a beautiful couple. They had a great night….and I am glad I got to be a small part of it.

Bryce and his girlfriend broke up at the last moment. Common theme? This happened to him last year..except this year he is the one that did the breaking up. So I guess it’s Ok?? I have no idea. But I do know he saved a lot of money…and he decided not to waste his tickets and go with one of his best friends. LOL So they both came to our house…dressed up and Clarissa took photos of them. Sergio is has a mullet because the football team decided that is what they were going to do this year…Clarissa immediately had to make a smart comment about that. …..and Bryce was so excited to wear a bow tie. IMG_0303IMG_0302

IMG_0300IMG_0301I think the 4 pictures of them is funny it’s like a picture booth session with all of the expressions. But that’s what I get for trusting an 11 year old to take the photos.  NOt to mention you see how messy our house is..LOL! Oh well. We live in a house not a museum.

So that’s it for homecoming 2014. We will never have this chance again..it was Bryce’s last homecoming. It makes me sad to think that. But it just means many good things ahead. 🙂


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