Homecoming 2013

Well homecoming was a success ( I think)IMG_6866

Bryce was dumped by his girlfriend a few weeks ago and ended up going on a double date with his ex & her boyfriend (ugh!) and her bestie which was Bryce’s date. She is a senior and didn’t have a date and wanted to go. So Bryce suffered through the planning, pain and everything in between. I am not sure why he did that to himself? I think it was more rough than he wanted it to be…he is trying to be mature about the whole thing. But he really had a bad attitude about it at home. I kept asking why he was going then. Because of his attitude I really didn’t care if he went because that is not exactly the experience that you want your kid to have when they go to a high school dance. This is his first one. It’s a mercy date…and he has a bad attitude about it. UGH! He is a bear to deal with.  Because of that I wouldn’t help him pay for it either. IMG_6865

So his date looks ALOT older..she is a year older…..but doesn’t look her age at all. Lexi is really pretty & tall. But she makes my kid look small and really young. LOL Bryce was having issues with his tie. So we were getting photos taken until Rob could arrive at the house…he brought Nick with him who ended up tying the tie for Bryce.  IMG_6864

This is the 4 of them IMG_6861

The next set of pictures really had me teary eyed. Carl was all set. he got his hair trimmed…he felt comfortable enough after all the “coaching” in fact he said…”Mom I think I can do this…you just think I can’t” I was put in my place. 🙂 I just so wanted him to be successful i was pushing to hard and worrying to much. Jeri stopped by to visit and it was time to start the slow dance training. Well she stepped in…that wasn’t good. for one thing nobody wants to be vulnerable around Jeri. She doesn’t create that type of environment. So Carl shut down & got upset…so I tried to make it better….but I am his mom and slow dancing with me is awkward. So Bryce to the rescue. Bryce has an attitude like sandpaper ( most of the time)…a huge ego ….but he really reads people and knows what to do when he is thinking about it. So he started making Carl laugh. He acted like a girl with a funny accent and imitation. So he could slow dance with Carl and help him out. LOL It was a great moment and it worked.   It’s moments like that when I am so proud of my family. I know God brought us all together for all of our gifts. 🙂

So we got all ready and I realized I forgot to pick up her corsage. I couldn’t believe it. So we raced downtown to see if we could find any open florists. I knew it was a long shot…but we found one that had stayed open late YAHOOO! I was so elated! we bought a corsage for double the price…but that’s ok. It was really pretty. IMG_6869

Then Carl got ready…he perseverated a bit and I knew he was stressed. So I just gave him the time we would leave….gave him last minute tips..and went to her house. On the way there Carl said he forgot cologne. So we went back. When we walked in the house you could FEEL his vulnerability. I had to fight back tears the whole time. He was shaking…he couldn’t get his thoughts organized….and there was a room with about 20 people. LOL All eyes on him. But he made it through. We dropped them off at dinner. I cried.  I told Rob I was so sad they woudl all be gone soon he said “Thank God”…LOL Men! Then picked them up and took them to the dance.  Carl forgot o tip the waiter. He also forgot to get pictures at the dance. I was so sad about that..but he said he was so busy he didn’t think about it? Seriously? Isn’t the picture line usually huge at dances? how could you forget?IMG_6870

When I picked him up from the dance he was on cloud 9. He had danced the whole night, he was telling me how she had gotten close during slow dances..which made him feel special. I had to explain to him some of the things people do on dance floors. He had questions as to why Bryce would rub up on him during some dances and why Bryce would keep saying his name like “go Carl-Go Carl” LOL I told him it was like a cheer…..or a boost. That’s what people do on dance floors ect. it’s kind of funny….but he doesn’t understand all of the social things that are normal. But he was really elated because some of the girls had gone to Bryce and said they thought Carl was really cute and they liked that he actually danced. I had told Carl…Girls don’t care if you are a good dancer or not..they just want to dance. So just go out there and move. It worked. So he felt good about that. So i cried again. I was so happy for him..he was noticed..he was made to feel special and I need to quit worrying about such things. He will be fine.

Bryce ended up having a really good time despite his before attitude.He in fact stayed after his group left to finish the dance until closing. So I was happy for him as well. if he could just loosen up once in awhile (which is difficult for me) he may look at things a bit differently. 🙂

So I am glad we stayed home. I am glad my boys had this experience. I am especially glad I didn’t have to get my claws out and hurt someone. LOL

Prayers answered…hearts inflated. I am so thankful.

Many blessings!


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