Hockey is a HUGE sport in AK. IMG_5855

I grew up there…in fact I didn’t know anyone watched any other sport.(..other than my crazy uncle who moved up from WA. LOL Sometimes he watched football…but he also loved Star Trek and listed to music I hated…so I didn’t count him) So I know this will be in the right place! LOLIMG_5856 IMG_5857 IMG_5858 IMG_5859

Laura made this for an auction to help benefit the anchorage Hockey Association. Her son is the president. They are hosting a fundraising event next month and she made this Hockey rink. Isn’t that great?! She did needle turn applique and everything. It’s pretty amazing!IMG_5860

I changed colors of thread while quilting…as you can see. I quilted Hockey Terms in the small inner border….Laura’s idea because I do that quite frequently. I like to personalize lots of quilts and this would have been great if there were a team name or a player name to add…but since it’s a donation there was no way to do that. IMG_5861 IMG_5862

Thanks Laura! Love your work! Always my pleasure!

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