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Yes,ย  I am alive. I am hoping at some point this weekend to get pics edited and make some posts. Things have been so crazy here professionally and personally. So I thought I would just pop in here and make a note.

Rob has been having chronic back pain….I have different feelings on how things should be handled sometimes…and I also believe in preventative medicine ( but I have my own issues to look into..which I will share at a later time) …Rob is a “deal with things after they have exploded” type of person and then wants an easy fix. So we have been making multiple trips almost weekly to a town about an hour away to get different medical treatments to isolate his problem and figure out how to stop the pain. He has another bulged disc that is causing pain to the nerves. we aren’t using pain meds or anything because we don’t want to treat symptoms….and I don’t want to deal with the side effects of those. He was however put on some other meds to help take the edge off and get rest. ย  One of those was causing him psychotic episodes that had our household on edge….I think we are finally in the clear and have everything worked out into a manageable way…..that he is back to his old self and in no pain. Hopefully it last a while. He is entertaining the idea of maybe engaging in some preventative or alternative healthcare in the meantime.

Bryce, Cole and Preston all had Tolo last weekend. Tolo is our version of Sadie Hawkins. I want to share photos in another post. But that was fun.

Bryce is working hard….he made the varsity soccer team, He is participating in the Mr. Senior talent show and working at Mcdonalds. He is feeling a bit overwhelmed and doesn’t have much family or friend time…..I am kind of OK with that ( for now) because he needs to learn how to handle these types of situations and prioritize. I am pretty proud of how far he has come..and how his moods are evening out in his senior year. He was actually in the paper..a teacher had nominated him for Student of the month or something…and she wrote a glowing review about him. It wasn’t a review just based off of his actions but of who he is..and I appreciated that very much. He is becoming a man.

Carl is still going to college & high school and getting good grades. A family situation came up and I was kind of proud how he decided he wasn’t just going to sacrifice himself and his feelings and go with the flow. I stepped in to help him….and a weight has been lifted off of his shoulders. I am also really proud of how he is voicing his opinions & thoughts a bit more …and what he does voice most of the time I think is very honorable.

Cole is getting good grades. He decided not to play a spring sport this year. He wants a rest. He is my child who likes to talk, get atta boys and needs lots of 1 on 1 attention. I am impressed by his attention to detail. The things he likes and how he shows his affection for people. It warms my heart. I am proud of how he is coming into his own…and accepting himself.

Preston ….oh Preston is starting his “stage” of talking back, always right…trying to find his place within his group of friends ect. We have had some communication issues and incidents recently …I really dislike this stage with my kids. When I always have to be the bad guy. But I keep holding on to a wing & a prayer that it will subside. Hopefully soon.

Clarissa…well she is also going through a difficult stage. She wants to be close…then she doesn’t. She wants to be every body’s favorite…then she doesn’t. She thinks she knows everything…and she doesn’t. LOL. I think this is just how it’s going to be for a long time. But I also think she is restless. She wants to engage in all of the activities that the boys get to do in high school and she has to wait. I think she has been told that her whole life and she is tried of it for sure. She has been staying up late and paying for it by falling asleep ect. It’s one of those things that I have to let her learn. She is alsoย  having body changes that require her to grow…and she isn’t much liking that.

So that’s what’s been going on…lots of changes, appointments, and time that my family has needed. I have tons of pictures to post as well..so business has been good! I just need to get time to sit on computer!


That’s the update for now…I will catch up with all of you a bit later! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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  1. Kudos for the challenges you meet daily. Love and miss you so very much….would so love a Charisma hug. Keep up the good work and know you are thought of and prayed for often.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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