Hexie Play


Carol is always working on some kind of project. She does a lot of hand sewing because it suits her lifestyle a bit better than sitting down to a machine as often. I have learned that as well….I mean I do sit down to my machine quite often..but it’s relaxing to have a hand project to sew on in the times when you aren’t near a machine. So I totally get it.

She put this together with Hexagons….it’s all English paper piecing. WOWZA! It’s pretty huge too! It’s amazing how much we can accomplish with just a little work here & there.



It’s pretty neat. I quilted with all over swirls. It’s such a safe design and Carol like even designs that cover the whole quilt. All over design force you to look at the piecing, fabric & patterns rather than the quilting…which is always a good thing when you have put this much work into a quilt.



Thanks Carol! always a pleasure working with you!

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