Here’s a Little Scrap Story……

So this is how the story began…in a small town far-far away ( from a girl….er I mean woman started a scrappy quilt.

It was called Perkiomen day dreams. Yes….I say scrappy loosely because what I really did was pull small bits and pieces from my stash…that quilt uses 10, 000 -1 inch squares…( well they finish at one inch) ….I was at a retreat with my friends…and I decided that would be a good time to sew all of my panels together. Then the panels sat for several months waiting……then a few months ago I put together all 400 little blocks. 🙂

See ..the proof is here:


For some reason I know it’s going to be a bugger to get them all put together so I am holding out for the right frame of mind…and I am also making another one…..soooooo I am collecting strips for that one.

Well I had some strips that were scraps leftover from this project…..and I had seen this free pattern on Quilter’s Cache....Called Stash Buster.

I thought it was perfect because I had several of those one inch strip sets already cut and ready to be sewed…so I sewed them into the patches I needed for this quilt. Perfect! I made 30 blocks. The blocks are only 8 inches… the quilt is not very big at all.

Then I had sewn the little 9 patch with the star in the center. I chose to use the cream color for the center of the star as you may be able to actually see the star in the finished block…the pattern uses a colored square there.  Then I started the Paper Piecing process:

IMG_1083I literally pulled fabrics from the stash bin..using bit & pieces of this & that…..but somehow I think my quilt just got to muddy. I am thinking that I am using gray to much in my scrap quilts…it to much of a medium and it makes everything blend a bit much….I need to back away from that some and save it for specific projects. IMG_1098I think if you do this project correctly there are actually 2 stars…..the little one you piece in the 9 patch..but also the diamonds that you PP will form a star around those little 9 patches as well…..but because I have to many all kind of blends together. 🙁

IMG_1099 IMG_1100


Which is OK. I used some scraps……but them getting back to the story of the girl who likes to make scraps quilts ( apparently she doesn’t have a choice) ….all of those paper pieced diamonds she sewed created tons of scraps that she had to cut off……and now they are going all “WILD & GOOSEY!”

IMG_1078 IMG_1079

The photos are difficult to see……but those are just a few clippings form those diamond blocks….

These are the W&G papers:

IMG_1082Here are all of my finished blocks so far:


Guess how small those finish? 3 inches. I think I have gone insane. I know! I was thinking of making 144 blocks which translates to 576 of these time blocks… I guess I have a good start! I have 120 pieced. But it’s a good small project to work on in between other projects.

So what’s the moral of this scrappy story? 1 scrap quilt leads to at least 3 quilts! these left over pieces go to one quilt…that creates leftover pieces…so now I have to start another…what will come of this project?? I will keep track & let you know!

I hope you all have a fabulous day! Don’t let those scrappies take you down!


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