Henrietta Whiskers



Well Henrietta Whiskers has been in the making or thought of to be in the making for several years. This was a Free BOM several years ago on the Bunny Hill Designs website. I saved each block every month , printed it off I should say….and it was put on my LOOOOOOOONNNGGGGG list of things I want to do someday. I think it is no secret how much I love Bunny Hill designs. I thought in order for me to finish this particular one I could use wool for the applique so it would be something I could accomplish….and finish. You can actually buy the pattern on the Bunny Hill site now.



Well slowly but surely I was collecting wool…..but then I traded for some wool felt…which is completely 2 different things…however all of that wool felt was all the right colors…so I thought I would use it. I washed it all and then dried it…ironed it all so it would be ready for a quilt. It’s completely washable and dryable…not that I will be washing this really…it will hang on the wall. But I just like to have it ready to go.

IMG_0763 IMG_0762 IMG_0761


It all worked out so perfectly because I had some scraps from some other projects…I had pieced the blocks last summer. After I had pieced them I thought….YUCK!…It looks like someone puked up a bunch of scraps. Nothing looked cohesive to me….I am usually better about that….but I randomly just picked pieces according to size and just started cutting away for each block and then when I put everything together I was kind of wondering what I was thinking.



But because the wool felt was “solid” colored it actually worked out well because it kind of calmed all of those backgrounds down a little….and brought it all together.



Don’t look to closely…I messed up several times…I flipped a block the wrong way when I appliqued the squirrel….and then I forgot to reverse the designs so they are facing the opposite way of the pattern…..I don’t really care about that. Had I not done the hand embroidery I would have turned that block around…but I wasn’t taking out any hand stitching…I can live with the imperfections….but I have to say I can see it every time I look at the quilt. UGH! Another thing I realized is that wool felt does not quilt up the same as felted wool….. for this I used two layers of batting like I usually do for these type of quilts…and I think it just make that felt pop more than it wanted too…cause every line is so much defined…and you can see the imperfect lines.  ( quilted my scottie dogs quilt with the same wool felt and 1 layer of batting and it looks better to me…I will show that quilt soon)


It was so windy out …but the lighting was great for pictures…so it was still a chore to get pictures of this quilt waiting for the wind to let me steal photos. I used scraps for the back…but didn’t get photos. 🙂


Well this makes 100 finished projects on my list! Couldn’t be happier with that #!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!





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