Heartfully handmade

It’s difficult to see. But a few summer’s ago I decided to print off several images I found on pinterest and hand embroider them. These are all heart variations.

The hearts have been sitting in  a pile for 2 years waiting to be put into something. I decided I just wanted to quilt dealing with that pile..moving it from one place to another. I put together a bunch fo 4-patches to set the hearts.

While I was quilting this I decided it need ric-rac in the seems to add that little bit of extra…..:) I just so happened to have all of these colors on hand. crazy, right?

These little trees are in all of the corners.

I am happy to have a finished project. All of that hand stitching isn’t wasted sitting around hopping from table to table waiting to be used. 🙂

Have a great day!


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