Hawaiian Table Topper

I went to the Wenatchee quilt show a few weeks ago and I brought home a car load full of stuff.



Honestly, I got some great deals……this is one of them. They had a guild “yard sale” they call it a “Boutique” sale…but it’s really a yard sale. In order to get rid of stuff on the tables in the last hours of the show it was fill a bag for 1$. ( I had already gone through once and spent 60$) but I decided to go through again and see what other treasures I could find.  This is one of them.



It is a Hawaiian Applique …all of the applique had already been finished along with the first outline of hand quilting. I literally probably paid 10 cents for it ( or less) ….it is so charming. I decided to go ahead and finish it this week….most of the work was done and I am not going to hand quilt it….I am not a hand quilter. I think it’s better to finish it and use it then sit on it and wait for the day that someday I might finish it……I hate to think about how long it’s probably already sitting….all of those hours of work that someone already put into it and I got it for pennies. It just needs a life now. It needs to be used & loved.  Who can’t use a table topper? I use them all of the time.


I didn’t want to leave such a big area in the center unquilted …so I just kind of made up that snowflake type of design ( A little ironic since Hawaii doesn’t get now ….right?) Then I just filled the background with Charisma Curls.


I also picked up some yardage at the sale…just bits & pieces of different things that I thought I could use to finish up some of these unfinished projects I picked up. ( as if I don’t have enough of my own)  I am just so fascinated by finishing UFO’s from other people. It just adds to the romance in my mind. I am always in the clouds…..but I dream of a beautiful story of the maker before me and how I get to share in that story ( even though it’s made up) and it offers me something that my own projects don’t. I know the stories I make up are probably far from reality……but the fantasy is worth the time I put into these projects to finish them anyway. It’s completely UN-practical to think that way….but I get the best of both worlds because in the end I do have a practical item to show for it.  🙂

027I hope you all do a little something day-dreamy today. It’s totally worth it in the end.




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