Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope you all have a blessed day!

I am thankful for so many things in my life. I couldn’t possibly list them all. But I think I am pretty good about thanking the right person for them all the time! At least I hope I do!


So I am struggling with these entries for some reason it cuts off my posts. I have no idea what is happening…GRRR!

So yesterday at play practice ..only a few kids showed up….so we took them out for ice cream. On cold blistery day what else do you do? Clarissa had got grounded from treats earlier this week. She was devastated yesterday that I didn’t let her order ice cream. Then her Bestie ( Shelby) Came to me and said “Clarissa WANTS an Ice Cream!”
LOL…..so I said to Shelby ( kindly) “Clarissa is in trouble for lying to me and stealing treats…so she doesn’t get an ice cream” …immediatly she said “Oh” and walked away. Clarissa went outside to bawl her eyes out which was good because then nobody knew …she couldn’t tell anyone why she was in trouble. Clarissa didn’t talk to me for the rest of the evening. Which is perfectly fine…she must have forgotten about it over night..because she woke up fine.

So I found a cute project that I think will be kind of quick and easy..maybe I can make it when my besties are here next weekend if I am not completely behind in everything else.

Well here are some more pictures that I took yesterday. Genny and I have worked together on many quilts now….so here are a few more from the Jersey Shore….

Brianna quilted the purple one..and I think she did a wonderful job. It looks feminine and beautiful. I quilted the brown and blue one with Charisma Curls at Genny’s request. Wonderful work Genny! Thanks so much!

Thanks everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day…feel free to leave comments about what you are thankful for..I love reading them.



5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. you are the best! i am thankful for you, all the things that you do for me and the friendships that have developed because of the contacts that you have provided for me! Love you~

  2. I am grateful for so much i will try to limit this to the top few!
    My life, the people with whom I live and love and work.Natural beauty, I am surrounded by it here in Northern MI. Today my husband and I took two of our younger grandsons for and exploration walk at a beautiful place with lots of water and wood and wonderful things for little boys and their grandparents to discover and explore, what fun we had together and the five year old announced as we drove home,” Wow my legs aren’t even tried at all!” He was thrill because being the youngest of three boys he has always been worn out before. I told him that he must be getting bigger and stronger, of course he just glowed at the idea of that being true. Then latter while snuggling with the 7 year old he looked up into my eyes and grinned, I asked “what’s up?” He said, “I love you so much.” Now that is just a part of why I love my life :o) I am Blessed indeed!

  3. I am thankful for my family and friends…and all my quilting sisters. What a year this has been. I have quilted more than ever before. Charisma you have graced my life with you talent and your friendship. Marilyn you have become a blessing in my life,you are so courageous and I admire you. Amy you have become very special to me as well you are such a sweet,gentle soul. And then there is Sheila my long time faithful and loving friend always there in good times and in bad,what would I do without you.The Lord has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband,family
    and friends. What a wonderful Saviour.

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