Happy Thanksgiving!

I just have so much to be thankful for….It’s difficult to begin.

I am thankful for Jesus! I am thankful for his un-ending sacrifice and compassion for me. He thinks I was worthy to pay the ultimate price. I am thankful that God is so patient with me. He loves me so much he gave his son for me…..and as much as I falter and stumble he is always faithful.

I am thankful for Rob. Rob is such a good man. I am so blessed to have him. We accept each other’s faults and failures. I can’t express how blessed I feel to have him in my life. I didn’t think that he and I could ever get to this place that we are in now….we had many obstacles. It’s unreal what God can do to change a heart and combine 2. Our relationship is a testament to that.

I am thankful for my children. I think many people may take motherhood for granted. I don’t. I know how precious this gift is despite my flaws, mistakes and stumbles. I am grateful for this experience. It’s trying and difficult. But it does refine me. I am not sure how refinement can come any other way but through love. Love of your child is the most powerful love one can experience. Love changes you in so many ways you can’t imagine. Motherhood has been the most defining experience of my life.

My friends. Near & far. I don’t think anybody can really understand what  it is like for a person like me….I am an orphan and to be accepted by so many people that aren’t obligated….or that have to accept me for any other reason than simple because they like or love me….well it just makes a girl feel so special. It makes me feel like a part of something greater than myself because there is no coincidences. Everybody is brought together for a reason no matter what that reason is…I am grateful.

My extended family. I say this loosely because I don’t have much extended family that I talk to…so those that made the cut! {hehe.} I am thankful and I love you!

I am thankful for quilting. I am thankful for many reasons. A creative outlet. The fact that it provides. The fact that it is useful and pretty. The fact that it connects me to others.

All of these things are in my everyday….all of these things are woven into the very fibers of my being.

I have stated this before but when I was young I wanted to grow up and be normal.  I spent 30 years looking at myself ..trying to dissect every part of myself, finding the fault and fixing it. Feeling unworthy and like an outcast. I thought everybody else had some special piece of information that I didn’t have. I thought something was wrong with me. So little by little I needed to fix all of my flaws never really embracing any part of myself or accepting myself. Until a few years ago with my counselor I was itemizing all of the things I wanted to work on during that session. I do that often in my sessions so that I get more bang for my buck you know! LOL. As I was going through my list for that session he just looked at me and said “There is nothing wrong with you!…..Why do you keep doing this to yourself?”

I had to think about that. Then he went on to explain that I am actually normal. huh? How is that possible? LOL. It changed my life.

I have learned that nobody has it all together. seriously? nobody has a piece of info that I don’t have?

So as I reflect on all of the things I am thankful for…most of all I am thankful for normalcy. I am thankful that goals can be met. Dreams can come true. The things I dreamed about have come true in my life. I dreamed for a normal life. I have that. I dreamed about being an artist. I have that. I dreamed about being a good mom. I am that. I dreamed about having true love. I have that…with my husband, friends and family. It isn’t fairly tale love…..it’s true love that one can only know when they are in it. Blessed by God.

For me normal isn’t easy. Dreams aren’t easy. True love isn’t easy. Every one of these things take hard work, dedication, & authenticity.  I think because it takes all of those things its all that much richer and worthy of praise. It’s worthy to reflect on every day and be thankful in the moment. Even in the hard moments. I have struggled a lot this week. Kid issues, work , house…..and I have been thinking each and every day I am so blessed. I wouldn’t trade these struggles because these blessings are so good!  These things are normal…..you are living your dream. Be thankful.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Blessings be to you and yours!




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