Happy New Year ..Welcome 2012

Happy New Year’s!


Well almost…. It’s 10 PM here. But it is already New Year’s for many of you…. And I don’t know if I will exactly make it to New Year’s awake here..hehe.


2011 with such a blessed year for me….. And I know 2012 will bring additional blessings. With all the heartache, struggle, and changes….. I hardly remember any of them…. It’s like when you give birth you immediately forget the pain. I just remember the good things…… my transition into being a business owner….. The transition from being a student to not being a student… The transition to becoming a mom to teenagers again…. Now more than half of my kids are teenagers….. It’s a hard thing to believe when you have all these kids under the age of seven…. That one day they will grow up and then you suddenly have a house full of teenagers. Time just escapes me.

But I think I’m getting better about letting go…. The thoughts are as scary anymore….. And I’m more comfortable in my own skin, I know that I’ve done the best that I could and hopefully it’s enough for them to be stable and make a choice for themselves. If they don’t, it’s not my fault…right?

We joined the church this year….. Rob and I are part of a bible study. The kids are in youth group.


I have no idea what this next year will bring…but what I do know is that with each passing year.. I deemed so much more of everything that I need. I have faith in God who only gives you what I can handle. No worries. He’s got my back!


Tomorrow is mine and Rob’s ninth wedding anniversary. We got married on a holiday so he would remember ( he is such a Fred Flintstone!). Honestly, I never thought we would make nine years…lol. There were many times I thought we were at the end…. Now I can’t imagine the next nine without him.

Happy anniversary Honey! I love you!


So today Clarissa stayed the night at Shelby’s….. The boys are with Landon. And Trina took Jeri and Carl ice-skating and out for pizza…. So Rob took me out to dinner…. we had a nice date. We don;t go on them enough…but it is nice to talk without distractions.


Tomorrow I’m working at the local quilt shop… It’s the annual sale. Yay!

I will get first choice of fabric before the door opens..and a better discount…even bigger yay!

It’s night and went through all of my quilt tops…. And found the ones that need backing. Measured them and figured out how many yards I need for each one. My goal this year:

finish all of the quilt tops…. They need to be quilts.

And I have a few UFOs that need to be turned into tops.. And then quilts so that will be the next project.


I have many pictures to post tomorrow…… three quilts are finished. But I’m a bit behind, of course, because I’ve been sidetracked.


I hope you all have a blessed New Year’s!

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