Happy New Year!! 2017

I welcome 2017! You know what else today is? It’s my Anniversary. Rob and I have been married 14 years!!

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14 Blissful years!!  I had to laugh out loud when I typed that…so not true…as you all know.

As each year passes I think about how blessed I am…even that number alone is longer than anyone in my family of origin has stayed married. That’s not even a long marriage….don’t get me wrong it does seem long some days..LOL ..but in all actuality it has been a blur. While our tensions are high right now because we are trying to get things done and accept the changes that could be happening…I get upset and yet still ….I wouldn’t want to do this life with anyone else. Rob has the biggest heart…he is my biggest defender and he will do most things to please me in the long run. Who wouldn’t be blessed by that?

I like change-> Rob doesn’t

I am a hard worker-> Rob doesn’t like it

I like Mornings-Rob Doesn’t

Charisma Healthy-> Rob doesn’t want healthy

Charisma has worse health- > Rob’s health is better ( this is so wrong!!) Well I should say as far as internally. Rob has a bad back, knees, feet…due to his job.

Charisma organized-> Rob not

We could do this all day….and what is the one thing that matters? We love each other. It has brought us this far..and it will take us even further. 

I look forward to this year with my husband and this roller coaster ride we will be on with many changes in our future!

Happy Anniversary Robbie! I love you to the moon and back!


One thought on “Happy New Year!! 2017

  1. Happy Anniversary Dear,
    14 years are great I have been married for
    46 years My husband makes me laugh every day,
    even if we are having a fight just can’t be mad for long
    Bless you have a great day

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