Happy Memorial day

When we say Happy Memorial day? we are happy because we have freedom.



That freedom wasn’t free it was bought at a cost. A high price that many people have paid along the way. Many people in my family have served in the military and I am proud of that. I support the troops and their families.  I think we should all pray often and support them in anyway we can.

Quilts of Valor is a great way to support Veterans as a quilter. Faith is a friend of mine who supports this cause faithfully. 🙂


She asked me to quilt this for a friend of hers. This is a quilt that will be displayed at The Quilter’s Corner later this month in Oregon. This will be gifted to the owner’s father. she requested swirls and stars. I thought today would be a great day to show this quilt.


199 200

And here is the back.


I hope you all have a moment of remembrance for the families and soldiers.

Many blessings to all of you on this day.



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