Happy 19th birthday to Cole.

My #4 is 19. doesn’t seem possible. He has had a big year. He just graduated from high school, moved to Spokane and soon to start college. Transition is difficult.

mainly for me. I don’t transition to the whole “parent to adult” thing. but this post isn’t about me.

Cole is a lot like me in many ways. He would disagree..because he doesn’t have a lot of insight yet. He doesn’t read people well…he has high expectations, he is idealistic and currently with all of the transitions he’s a lost little bird. He is shy, …doesn’t like change and doesn’t like to test the waters with being vulnerable. ( so far all I have listed is not much like me…..I am willing to take leaps of faith ect)

So it’s been difficult getting him to try new things…..take leaps of faith or to trust. The only way to build trust in the process is to test the process and get success…..how do you make someone try to take a leap? I don’t know.

I cant believe that 19 years ago I was as big as a house and trying to decide if I should wake up his dad to go to the hospital. Cole makes me laugh ( most of the time) he is kind …most of the time. He is a people pleaser …most of the time.

I have so many sweet memories of Cole……I have probably shared so many on here I can’t remember which ones I have already shared.

But one thing I love about him is that usually he will apologize if he is wrong. He doesn’t have to wait for me to apologize first. I find that admirable ..especially in our house because there are some stubborn people in our family. I am usually the first one to apologize ( even if I don’t mean it…LOL) just because I want the conflict to be over.

Cole is always up for a selfie….he is always trying to catch me in them when I look old and terrible. of course. But he thinks it’s funny. he likes social media..he tries to teach me things and I am defunct. LOL but I try.

Cole will work hard when he wants to and I know he can do anything he sets his mind too…we just have to get him to commit to something he believes in.

so he is to another year of watching what my Cole will bring into the world and how he will manage this next transition into adulthood.

Lord I pray that you protect my son, guide him and direct him to the right and narrow path. Give him the wisdom and strength to be the leader that he needs to be in his life with God’s guidance.

I love you forever and always Cole.



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