Happy 16th Birthday to Preston

My Baby Boy is 16, today.

I can hardly believe this. I say that about each kid on each birthday because it’s true. He’s my 5th kid…and my 5th driver….that never gets easier.

I have always thought Preston was the most handsome and cute boy ever!! He captivated me with his blue eyes and smile as a baby. He was long and lean and he has stayed that way. He is over 6 foot..I think he’s 6 foot 1 or 2 ..something like that.

currently, he is in track and on the varsity team. He is looking for a summer job and a car to purchase. I am having a difficult time accepting that all of my kids are this old….in ten years I will be an empty-nester ( actually less than that but …but let’s not talk about that now)

Preston Track 2016

Preston is handsome, smart, funny, athletic, generous and thoughtful. He remembers dates, birthdays and always has a gift or card ready. I love that about him. Preston has his own style ( if you can call it that). I think he adopted a completely different style so he doesn’t have to wear his brothers old clothes….*sigh* ……and he likes bright crazy colors. So you can usually see him a mile away with some sort of clown gear on. He also wears funky contact lenses to change his eye color ect. He wants to stand out…& be seen. So if it isn’t scantily laden clothes, funky hair, bright colors..now he has to have funky eyes. It’s oK. I think it’s fun and it’s not anything outrageous.

This is Preston last summer before going to work a shift as a life guard at the pool. You can find him without a shirt or only a cut off most days.

Preston summer 2015Preston has a need to prove himself because he is the youngest of 4 boys. He also has a victim mentality because he is the youngest of 4 boys and nothing is ever his fault and he hates to be wrong. It’s trying to say the least.  But those trials of being the youngest are also what drives him and keeps him ahead of the game with his peers. He can keep up with the best of them.

He currently, doesn’t have a girlfriend ( thank God) but we (his family) tease him constantly because he is a girl magnet. Every where we go girls are always going out of their way to talk to him …Good gravy!! It’s so obvious.

Preston is still a bit immature and hasn’t come fully into himself..I fear it will take him a bit longer because of our family dynamic…so he is kind of wishy-washy on some things because he has many influences. So he can’t upset anyone ( except me) and he wants the approval of people that don’t understand what he needs or wants….( his siblings) and I fear he will make mistakes trying to get that from them. Especially considering his oldest brother isn’t making good choices currently.

I am letting God work a miracle because there isn’t much I can do about the relationships. I am just here to watch it unfold.

All I can say is that I am extremely proud of my son, Preston. He has all of the potential to be extraordinary and the world is at his feet.  He just has to apply himself. He is pretty steadfast in that. Currently, he wants to be a math teacher or physical Therapist. He is going to start Running start next year to get a head start on college and get 2 free years of college tuition. yahoo! I love it when my kids do that!

One of my favorite Preston stories is when he was young and I was pregnant with Clarissa. He was just waiting for her to come out so he could FINALLY be an older brother. He hated being the “baby” brother. So I asked him one day…”How do you think the baby comes out of mommy’s tummy?” He said “You frow it up, out of your mouf”  ( he was 3…didn’t get the th..sound out yet. )

lol!! Of course what was I thinking? Makes perfect sense.

Then each kid had their own commentary about how it came out…because they just knew he was wrong. 🙂


So here’s to a 16, drivers license and new experiences.

I love you, Preston. I hope you have a wonderful year!

Love mom.



7 thoughts on “Happy 16th Birthday to Preston

  1. Happy Birthday Preston,
    Sounds like you are doing your mama proud. Have a great day and a better 16 the year

  2. Happy birthday birthday to Preston! My oldest grandson said that baby doctors must have long arms to be able to pull a baby out of mommy’s tummy!!

  3. This is a remarkable tribute to you and your husband for raising such a fine person. You should print this out and save it. Give it to him when he marries or becomes a father.

  4. Happy Birthday Preston! What a wonderful (and awful) time….Sixteen! I was so happy to have had 3 boys and 2 girls….so went through the 16s with them all, like your Mom. Celebrate…..and enjoy every moment. When that special cute little girl comes along, you will know it. In the meantime…..wink at them all…..and savor the moments.

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