Halloween Treats

I actually pieced this during my slow time earlier this year.  IMG_6884 IMG_6885

I quilted this in the knick of time! Only a day to spare? hehe.IMG_6884

They were Halloween scraps. Some of them from bags I made my kids years ago. Some of them from another quilt I made…I added a panel to liven it up. I also made Ohio stars to add interest. There is a mix of ghoulish fabrics and cutesy fabrics. There is so much going on every where you look. Which I think adds interest. But my kids love these kinds of quilts..even in the teen years. You know what else? Several of them GLOW-IN-THE-DARK (GITD). Which they still love. 🙂IMG_6882

The white on the back may seem like an odd choice..but it is all GITD fabric….so it’s a must for a Halloween quilt. Don’t ya think?IMG_6883

I quilted an all over swirl because there is so much going on already….and the swirls go with the whole theme. I thought about using GITD thread but there would be so much competition that I thought black would be better. It’s the absence of color so it  doesn’t compete with the fabrics.IMG_6886 IMG_6887

I hope you all have a Wonderful Holiday!IMG_6890 IMG_6891





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