Halloween in January


I am kind of on the fence about Halloween. I mean I used to love dressing up my kids and take them to the mall for trick or treating. That’s when I lived in a big city and it was safer to go to the mall. We didn’t really walk through neighborhoods.
My kids were small enough I could choose their costumes ( or at least have a say) and all the family based activities before Halloween…like carving pumpkins, decorating the house and preparing for the day …those times were fun. Now as my kids get older..we don’t decorate, half of them don’t like carving the pumpkins…and all they really care about is candy. I saved myself money buy just buying them each a bag and being done with it.
Clarissa is still young enough that all those activities are exciting to her….so Rob still went through the motions..I think I had bible study this last year.
I had contemplated not even celebrating the occasion because …I don’t know?? It doesn’t seem like a HUGE deal? It’s not Christian based…and what kind of ideals do I want to set for my family? We don’t believe in Santa….so why celebrate Halloween…but honestly the family fun activities surrounding it is what I loved and that isn’t bad…..

So we will just keep going until everyone is out.

Do you know when Bryce was little I wanted him to be dressed in CUTE costumes…I had to convince him every year that he was actually wearing a scary costume….the year he was a clown…he would tell everyone he was a scary clown….the year he was a spider..he was a spoooky spider. LOL That year his brother, Cole was the cutest bumble bee. Hehe.

I made this quilt a few years ago when Halloween was a BIG deal in our house.
I really want to make a quilt for each holiday and occasion for each of my kids…so when they start to have their own kids they will have these momentos….the tradition of having a special quilt out when that time comes near. Maybe they won’t all want them…but I know some will. SO I am slowly but surely working on them.

This quilt I fell in love with…it was in a magazine..I think I changed it quite a bit. The white strips on the backing may seem kind of odd….but it is actually glow in the dark fabric ..so it HAS to be included. I have a ton of that fabric. My kids love it. LOL

I quilted a spider web in each block….Swirlies in all the black areas and I just outlined all the other areas..Thanks so much for looking.

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