Halloween, Christmas and Baby Owls ….Oh MY!

Noni brought me a few more quilts. She is such an avid quilter that her grandkids & great grand kids need them for every holiday and in bedrooms and play rooms. She doesn’t just make them….they are requested. So she does her best to provide for those requests.

Isn’t that great?! I am amazed!

I am wondering if I already have 6 children….how many grand & great grand kids  I will have..if they were to make these such requests…I better start now. LOL

Otherwise I will never be able to retire.

This first one is a Halloween theme and so adorable! IMG_7017

Don’t you just love those wide grins on the Cat, bat & pumpkins? So adorable!

IMG_7018 IMG_7021

I tried to accent each pumpkin differently to give some variety. IMG_7019 IMG_7020

Wood grain on the fence. Lots of stars and swirls & circles within circles. Fun..googly type designs.  The back was pieced as well. LOVE!IMG_7022


Then the Christmas panel. I think by Nancy Halvorsen. SO cute! IMG_7008

Ribbons, plaid, outlining and snowflakes are what I quilted. IMG_7010 IMG_7011IMG_7009

This has a minkee backIMG_7012

Comfy! & you can see all of my lines.


This Last one is leftover blocks & fabrics from the last baby quilt she brought me. She added minkee to the back for some extra comfort.  I quilted all over swirls. IMG_7013IMG_7014 IMG_7015 IMG_7016

Noni always has good projects and she is a pleasure to work with!

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