Halloween 2014


Once again…the only joy of Halloween this year is Clarissa. She is the youngest and she gets slighted on most things now because the other kids are older and they don’t dress up or trick or treat. They want to go to peer parties and be “cool”


Clarissa’s bestie had a birthday party with sleep over and what not…but I have had to tow the line because she isn’t listening, following through and she is really being defiant towards me. So I told her I would start taking away privileges. It started with No treats. Then no TV or electronics. Now it’s friends and events. It seems she has to go through these difficult times because she isn’t turning around her attitude or doing her chores & homework. I had to do this with my oldest 2….and now it looks like it’s happening all over again. But like I said I have been through it before..I can go through it again. She is the one missing out. So she was actually able to go out Trick-Or-Treating…she just can’t have the candy. Complete torture if you ask me….but she still wanted to go. So Bryce and his girlfriend took her out. Then she had a good time handing out candy at our door.

She chose a Cleopatra Costume. A queen. Pretty fitting for her….if you ask me.

She also carved her own pumpkin…and she was more impressed with that part than anything else. We grew that pumpkin….:) That impresses me.


So another Halloween down in the books.

Happy Fall Y’All!


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