Green Tea and Sweet Beans

This is a pattern by Jen Kingwell. I love all of Jen’s patterns. This is the first one I bought YEARS ago. I remember trying to convince my LQS owner that she should buy these patterns at market…she was not sold….and now she is having a class with one of the patterns. It’s a running theme. LOL I am always ahead of the game.


So do you think I have even looked at the pattern since buying it? No. I am always distracted by lots of pretty things. …so when Noni brought this to me for quilting I think I “Squealed” …No kidding! I am in love! Noni always does a great job….and she has a great stash of fabrics. She has the perfect type of stash for this type of project. Because the more fabrics you have the better.

048It’s funny that I see this quilt and I see such beauty & charm…Noni can point out the fabrics that she wasn’t fond of…but it just goes to show that once you put it all together it all blends and melds into beautiful art.

049 050 051Since the first time I saw a book called “Material Obsession”..I was exposed to the type of fabrics & patterns that seems to be a favorite of Australian quilters. I learned about color and patterns. It’s a unique style all their own and it’s captured me.

052 051 053 054

I quilted lots of textures….I wanted the quilting to match the textures and life in the prints used….so there is everything from crosshatching, feathers, swirls, lines, bubbles, loops, stipple…..just life-life-life.

055 056 057 058I am pretty sure Noni loved it too. 🙂

058 059 060Here’s the back she chose:

061Lovely. Just lovely.  It’s time to “Squeal” again!

I love that I get to work on these projects for other people…because there is no possible way I can make everything on my list. 🙂


Thanks so much for following along. I appreciate it.


One thought on “Green Tea and Sweet Beans

  1. WOW!!! This is amazing. I have Gypsy Wife that I never started. But I shall soon. Thanks for sharing this beautiful quilt xxx

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