Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt

This is my quilt. 🙂

I quilted one of these for Noni and I fell in love with hers. She said she loved making it. So she made this one for me and I quilt for her. I was so excited to get this quilt because I had bought the pattern for this quilt right when it was released…but of course I don’t have time to complete everything on my to-do list.

I wish I could have gotten better pictures of this …but the weather is not cooperating.

Noni had so many different fabrics and perfect backgrounds to make this quilt….there is almost no repeats…which is just awesome!

I, of course used 2 layers of batting to help emphasize the quilting.

I quilted each block differently and added tons of textures.

Isn’t it just lovely>?

Here’s the back:


Thanks Noni! Always amazing work! It’s currently hanging in my entry way!

blessings to all of you!


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