Green Stripes and Sassy EB Quilts

This last weekend I got a few of my own quilted…..:)

It’s nice because I need room in my bins and I actually have time to work on a few of my own without feeling overwhelmed. 🙂IMG_9459

So in between some other jobs I worked on this green one. It was pieced by Annette, She always does a great job and comes up with great uses of my fabrics. I love the soft background and then bright stripes of my small scraps. She’s pretty genius..she has made several scrappy quilts by foundation piecing the small scraps to register tape. After she works on that than she comes up with different setting for them…this is just one of many. I love her creativity.  IMG_9457

I quilted it with simple loops in each stripe. I thought of lots of ways to quilt it……but in the end I wanted the gentle soft curve and something simple to let my mind wander while I was quilting. I need that down time sometimes. I pray, think, dwell or day dream. I need that time..I truly do. I pieced the backing from scraps of other backings. IMG_9458

I also finished my Economy Block (EB) quilts. The center of each blocks is the same on both quilts…it’s a line called “Sassy” and I just adore the fabric. I have made a few quilts from the line of fabric.  IMG_9460IMG_9462

I am not sure I should custom quilt them because there is so much going on you can’t really see it? But it was fun anyway. IMG_9463 IMG_9464 IMG_9465

The back I pieced with some of my girly Novelty fabrics. I have been hoarding some of those for years. I thought they would be perfect for these quilts. IMG_9461

I am thinking of giving Clarissa one of these….I think she will love it. she is a quilt hoarder like me. In fact she always has been. When she was little she would get out every blanket & quilt she had and lay them on her bed. Here is the second EB quilt. Here is the original post with all of the size info.

IMG_9466 IMG_9467These are 2 of my favorite quilts! I know I have tons of favorites. But these just appeal to all of my senses.



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