Gray  has been quite a process for me. IMG_7704

Isn’t that strange? When I started working at the LQS 5-6 years ago. I didn’t have much of a stash. It all fit in a few tubs. 🙂

I was in a class and the instructor said that no matter how big your stash was there would be a hole of a missing color. I thought …hmmmmmm? I will have to look when I got home.We always buy what we are attracted to….when we buy on a whim we buy what we like most. IMG_7700

That’s when I could lay out each piece of fabric that I had and compare. LOL Now I don’t have time or space to even think of that. When I looked there was a significant difference between warm & cool colors. Warm colors were piled high -cool colors not so much. I didn’t not have one cut of gray in my stash. Only a few cuts of blue. Blue and I have not been attracted to each other. I buy what I need for specific projects. I really like aqua and  retro blue colors. But regular blue? It is a deliberate purchase…unless it’s part of a line I really like. I have no purple in my stash. I had one stack of fat quarters. Donna took them in trade. Purple and I are apparently not friends either? LOL It’s not that I hate any one color. I just don’t seek those colors generally. I love pink, yellow, red, lime green, & orange. IMG_7699

Fast forward and the whole world of Blogs & Pinterest and the modern movement.  I see gray in almost everything. I love it! It’s a wonderful neutral but it’s a cool color and I have a hard time training my eye to use it rather than black or white. Black & white really makes everything near it shine. The colors just burst out of themselves with those 2….Gray kind of subdues everything and makes it soothing. At least that’s how I feel about it.    IMG_7701

So I have been really trying to use it and incorporate it in to my work.

Last year (2012) at Christmas time my shop was doing a “12 days of Christmas” and offered these fat quarter as one of the deals of the day. I bought it. They sat on my shelf until December of 2013 until I finally put them together with the pattern that came with it. So simple & easy. But showcases the fabric very well.  So I have another finish-YAY!  All of the colors in the kit are not “MY’ typical color palette. This is so soft & soothing. IMG_7702 IMG_7703

I was able to free-style quilt . I love to do that. It was fun & freeing to just quilt how I liked. I also used a plain gray backing to showcase the quilting. I knew ahead of time that I would quilt it that way…..and I love the back as much as the front. It will be bound with scraps of the fabrics. No waste and perfect for a cozy cuddle quilt.IMG_7708


Then this baby quilt. I wanted to use my scraps into a “modern” type quilt.   I am having a difficult time trying to decide which side is the front or back? I love both of them. I quilted easy straight lines to keep with the simplistic design….Can I just say how much I love that look? If I had known how much I would love those channel locks I would have gotten them sooner. Seriously. I am working on another quilt with the channel locks too. I can’t wait to finish that one. I will have pictures tomorrow. 🙂  IMG_7707

So which side do you like best?IMG_7709IMG_7706

What is your go to background? Gray-white-black-beige?? IMG_7705

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