Gravity Quilt

Gravity quilt is a quilt design by Jaybird Designs.


WOWZA!! it’s stunning!


It uses a many-many colors of solid fabrics to achieve this design. Susan tackled it and did a beautiful job.


She is going to use this quilt and didn’t want micro or real heavy quilting….but still wanted enough because she is entering this into her local quilt show. I would too…AMAZING!!


Susan wanted an overall design in the backgrounds and then a design in each colored triangle. I just love all of the texture it all creates to magnify the pattern and design.

030You can see that I didn’t match every like triangle..but to keep unity I did match center designs in the colors directly across from each other. I still wanted to make it looked like it was planned.

029 028I am in love with this quilt! WOWZA!!

024 023 022 021

I used 2 layers of batting to help the quilting pop out a bit more. There is a layer of cotton batting and then a layer of hobbs polydown.

Here is the back:


Thanks Susan!

It’s always  a pleasure working with you!

I hope you all have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Gravity Quilt

  1. STUNNING!!!!
    How in the world do you know where to stitch what? This must be the most spectacular quilt you have worked on. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting!

  2. Mind blowing beautiful! Multiple images just keep appearing, and the quilting is outstanding, as usual. Should win all sorts of prizes in every respect.

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