Granny’s Granola

Granny’s Granola

Yep! That’s the name of this quilt.

I was part of a club, the Breakfast Club at my LQS. A couple years ago…before I bought my long arm. So we got a new pattern each month, ate breakfast together and sewed. It is a fun little club.
So each pattern we received had a name that went with a recipe that was served for breakfast. I made several of the quilts actually. This was for the month of January. What a tedious pattern. But I got through it.

I loved the fabrics I chose..sparkly and pretty. I also used some fabric for my backing that had been in my stash for 11 years…I know. Funny thing is I brought it home from AK on my last trip there. It was given to me by my BFF’s mom…because she didn’t have a project for it. I loved it so much because it has little gold flecks in it..I couldn’t cut it, unless it was for a special project. So it fit perfectly for this project. So it finally has a home.
I thought about how I would quilt this quilt for two years… isn’t really a pattern that I have quilted before..and the fabrics kind of through me off…I couldn’t just do an all over after I had pieced all of it….When I started I thought the loopies were all wrong..but continued anyway..because it’s my own quilt…and I tend to just go with it….in the end I love how it looks…the back just sings!

So love the granny’s Granola!

2 thoughts on “Granny’s Granola

  1. I never in a million years would have combined those colors, but I’m glad you did – they really are pretty together! And, as usual, your quilting brings it to life!

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