Granny Squares

I was hit by the Granny Squares bug a few years ago. this block tutorial went viral on social media years ago…and there were several swaps ect. I love the block and I strip pieced several for a swap ..but mine didn’t measure the same as some of theirs…so I just kept them and made my own quilt. They were consistent from my machine..just not with everyone else.

I finished this quilt a few years ago…but forgot to take pictures and show it…so thought I would today.

065I used a white background and several bright fun colors in my stash.


Here is


I also wanted to try out a quilting design I had seen at a modern show…and I didn’t do the design correctly I realized after I completed the quilt. *sigh* LOL. It just happens like that sometimes. It’s not really going to matter because I used a cotton batting. So once I wash and dry this will get the vintage crinkly look. So my quilting won’t really show. That is the key to covering up quilting…use cotton batting. 🙂


Here is a link to the free tutorial if you want to make your own granny squares.

069 070

I was trying to get several different shots of the quilt to get just the right angle..but it wasn’t really working out.

071 072 At least in these last few you can see the fabrics a bit better.


Here’s the back:

073Thanks so much for looking!

I so enjoy quilting…it’s in my DNA.

Many blessings to you in February.



5 thoughts on “Granny Squares

  1. It may not have been the quilting design you were going for…but I think you just came up with a “winner”! It looks great….lends a modern touch (but not too modern) to a traditional pattern.

  2. Somehow I missed that craze! I must have been in a coma lol
    I love this!!!! Nice to see one of yours. The quilting is fabulous, as always!
    Great quilt!!!

  3. Love the mod feel the soft waves across bright sunny colors. I was never a fan of granny squares (too many afghans from my Grandmother that had too many holes (spaces between crocheting) that let the cold in!) but your colors and quilting are beautiful. Your work is amazing.

  4. Hey, I, too, think the quilting is fine with the Granny squares. I love the design and the finished product.

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