Grandma’s Bargello

Well a few summers ago,,,before I had a long armI made this bargello. It was a class at my LQS called “Hailey’s Comet” Because one of the gals at my LQS taught this class she has made these in several different color ways..and the class had about 20 people..I have seen this in so many color ways..not one of us had a similar quilt…that’s what I love about classes.


I originally posted it here…before it was quilted.

So I changed my color bridges a bit…and added a few zingers. which gives it a bit of a different feel. At the time I spoke with my grandma she sais she had just redecorated her bedroom in brown and blue..which was more of the more modern blue…and these colors are really kind of muted and rich looking….but I think she will still like the quilt ..regardless if she uses it in her bedroom. She doesn’t know that I was making it for her..or what I am made…so now It just needs binding and a label and it is finally finshed…and I can mark it off my list! YAHOO! She will love and appreciate my gift…for sure.



One thought on “Grandma’s Bargello

  1. I love your color choices, lucky grandma, and I love the way you have quilted it, there is so much motion that it just pulls me in for a nice rest :o) Love It,

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