Grandma Horton~~~Rest In Peace

Grandma Horton Passed away on Monday. The funeral is today.
She was a phenomenal woman!

She is my Ex-husband’s Grandmother.

But she stayed my grandmotehr after our divorce. From the moment I met her in 1993 we loved eachother.
She was the PERFECT grandmother.

I could go into so many details….but I will just share my favorites…
She was so sentimental. She had money but she grew up in the depression and material things weren’t as important to her as relationships. Memories and family.
Everything in her house was a momento. she didn’t go buy “things” to decorate her house….her house was always lovely (don’t get me wrong) ….everything in her house was a gift from some one she loved..usually they had passed. Or it was a gift that was handmade specifically for her. Or the object has some special story that went with it. I had been telling her for years she needed to write it all down because once she was gone allof that would be gone with her.
She bought a car is 1968….she was still driving it when I met her in 1993….I think she actually drove it until 1998 or something…..when she sold it..she sold it for the same amount she bought it for all those years before…Isn’t that amazing? she took care of everything and everyone around her.

She didn’t believe in spoiling kids. She never bought the boys toys or things. She shared with them, she played games with them and she invested in them. I LOVED that about her. They know how to play a mean pinnacle game because of her.
anyway I am a bit weepy….but I know she is with Jesus as she was a believer. I am happy she is no longer in pain….but I do feel a bit selfish that my boys will no longer have her. I talked with her on the phone frequently and she always shared with me and told me she loved me. she always told me she was so happy I was the mother of her grandchildren. She only had one son, She only had one grandson….and my three boys are her only great grandchildren.

Please pray for Peace within my family. The funeral is today. Cherish your loved ones.


2 thoughts on “Grandma Horton~~~Rest In Peace

  1. I am so sorry for your loss and the boys grandmothers influence….believe me when I say I know how it hurts…Knowing she is in heaven helps but I guess we are mortal and selfish…I will be praying for you and your family…Love and hugs T

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