Graduation Weekend



Well the weekend is over. A new chapter has begun for all of us. As much as I am sad & happy……I am so grateful that we got to send him out into the world the way we did. We had so many people come and celebrate Bryce and all of our memories of watching him grow up.


I was living in the moments and relishing my last minutes with him that I only took pictures for the ceremony. I forgot to get pictures at the party. So many people were here….and it was really a blessed time.  I was crying off & on all weekend. But I did get to say most of what I wanted  say to everyone. The only bad thing about the party was that Rob missed it. He had to work. Poor guy. But Landon, Jordan & myself paid tribute to him and all that he has added to our Son’s life.  We have an usual situation. Landon being the bio-dad and Rob being the one that was there for majority of the days…Landon had nothing but good things to say about partnering with Rob to raise up Bryce and get us this far.



I had put out all of Bryce’s scrap books so everyone could see him through the ages….and it brought up so many happy days, memories…and the kids were all making fun of my hair through the years. LOL All of the different colors & styles. Hehe. They made fun of their dad too!



My favorite part of the day was when we all surrounded him…while he opened his gifts and shared our favorite memories of him. I think it made more of us cry than they would like to admit. It was really heartwarming.

I also love that my kids are so affectionate…he hugged every body more than once and told them how special it was for them to come and celebrate with us. I appreciate that so much.

Sunday ..was like a cloud looming for me…but it was bright skies for him. He loaded up his car…and stalled here and there….once he had his car packed we all knew the time had come for him to drive off. I was really trying to hold it together so he could leave. He was happy and I didn’t want to ruin that. I am really happy that he is happy. I would have felt terrible had he not wanted to leave….but he is excited to start this new chapter…and I am happy for him as well. He is a capable strong young man…and I know even when he stumbles he can get up and dust himself off & start over again. He is a fighter that way. I could worry about lots of things..but I am choosing not too. Because I know we have all done a good job raising him up.

IMG_1966IMG_1953The grandparents. These are the only grandparents he knows ( along with my step dad and his wife..who made it to the party the next day) . Rob’s parents and Jordan’s mom( up above). So along with step parents comes great family that have contributed positively to his life. 🙂

Once he drove off-> I of course cried my eyes out. I calmed down enough to sit on the couch…& Cole came beside me to hug me and tell me he would miss him too. I know that’s true. We will all miss him. Especially on game nights because he cracks us all up. The house is so quiet….and if you all have heard his laugh….you would miss not hearing it on a daily basis too.

IMG_1971 IMG_1972Look at these handsome devils. I can’t believe they are all this old. So handsome & smart….& good boys!

IMG_1973The sisters. Bryce is a good protector and shoots it straight anytime boys are around his sisters. I love that about him.

He already has a job lined up. He starts on Tuesday. He transferred to A McDonalds in Spokane…and we have him lined up to start college in the Fall. He is going to Spokane Falls Community college to get his AA..and then hopefully transfer to Eastern for his teaching degree. He wants to teach high school kids ( maybe even work with special needs kids) and he would also like to be a coach. All of his parents are here to support him and get him through this process.

IMG_1957( I will also be able to use these photos for good “before” photos..ugh!)

Sp that is our weekend in a nutshell. I am extremely proud or Bryce…but also his village of people. There are truly no words to express my love for everyone. Bryce was sent off in a great way with so much help & love.  So thank to each and everyone of you. My heart swells!

Now I am getting ready for my flight to Mexico. 🙂 I leave early in the AM. My driver has already called to touch base and tell me he’s ready to pick us up and take us to our destination. So I will be leaving part of my stomach in Mexico….They can have that piece of me. This new chapter includes a smaller me. My brother and I are committing to running a 5K by the end of the year. Well I say we have to run part of it…my brother was planning on walking..and it was his idea! LOL So hopefully we can start that process soon after I get back.

I will update everyone on FB while on my journey. I hope you all have a wonderful week!






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  1. Congratulations! Graduation is just as much for the parents as it is for the young adult 🙂
    Best wishes on the next chapter of your journey! Enjoy YOUR time this next month. It’s all about you!

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