Golden Harvest & Stained Glass

Jill sent 3 lovelies for quilting. I have the first 2 done…..the last one is a work of art as well. I will save that for tomorrow.IMG_8756

But the first one is a Judy Niemeyer (JN) called “Golden Harvest” IMG_8757 IMG_8758

I think all JN are just stunning! There is always something to see and no matter what color scheme you choose the pattern is just so dynamic and beautiful. Sometimes I have to really think about how I am going to quilt them. But most of the time you just have to accent & compliment each area….there are always strong points and edges….you can’t soften them so you work with them because they are really the shining glory of the quilt. IMG_8759 IMG_8760

Jill always does a beautiful job with fabric/color choices & construction. IMG_8763

So I added to each area…quilting pretty heavily because the areas are pretty small. I am in love with the finish.  IMG_8761 IMG_8762

This second quilt is called “Stained Glass ” ( I think) and in a rare time I actually have two of these in my que to be quilted at the same time. The other one will be finished soon. What I love about a class or quilt along is that you can see all the different colors and interpretations from other quilters. In this case both quilts are completely different…and both beautiful.  One reason I love my job. I get to see so many different quilts. IMG_8764

I had fun quilting this one because of the primary colors and the “fun” feel of the quilt. I quilted continuous curves, swirls, “L’s and squiggly lines. I just went into each area to compliment the design. IMG_8765 IMG_8766

It’s kind of difficult to see all of the quilting.IMG_8768

But Maybe you can get an idea.

Thanks Jill! I can’t wait to finish the next one. It’s so STUNNING!


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