God’s Eye and Pixelated Heart 3

In honor of my birthday I decided to show these two quilts. These are my own quilts.

The God’s eye quilt is actually a block swap quilt. I was part of a Flickr group and each month we sent a block to someone in the group. I chose this free block from quilter’s Cache called God’s Eye.


I loved the block. I told my group to use any kind of black background…but I Didn’t care what colors or fabrics they used for the pattern. So with any swap that a person joins..there are all levels of quilters from beginners to pros. So trying to get all of the blocks to line up correctly and not have cut off points is pretty impossible. It frustrated me a little….so I have been holding on to this quilt since last summer..I know..Right? I actually had the blocks way before that…..it took me that long to just deal with them.

044 043

I did make 4 of my own blocks to get it to a decent size. Due to the wonky blocks I used an all over swirl for quilting because I didn’t want to accentuate flaws anymore. I actually like it better after it’s quilted. I think I am going to make another one of these quilts…..just because I love the block so much. We shall see when that happens. My list of to-do’s is pretty high.

040 041 042 043


I also took some scraps from my charm bin and also some scrappy fabrics from a few friends…and put together this quilt. From start to finish this quilt is a FAST project. I have made 3 of these and I like them for gifts and to use stash. Cute, simple & easy. Here is the first one I made.

Here is the second one I made.

033 034


I used minky on the back of this…..I pieced it ..trying to use what I have…What a mess! BLAH!!


Well it’s comfy anyway.

I quilted flowers in the background…and then crosshatched the heart. I just like breaking up the texture to make it all stand out.

035 036 037

So glad to share a few more projects with you!

Thanks for looking!

I hope you all have a great day!




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