God Bless FireFighters!

Tisha made this quilt as well…..she has been a busy bee hasn’t she? she is getting ready to move to a different state all together and finishing up all of her loose ends…cause you know how it is? when people find out you are a quilter they ask you to make quilts….and Tisha is like most of us and doesn’t say “No” cause we just love quilting so much we want to spread the warmth. The warmth of a quilt and the warmth of our love through our hard workand creative process.

So she was asked to make this quilt for a clearly well decorated firefighter. He helped with 9-11 and I think is also a trainer (I gathered that from the T-shirts). That’s always such a blessing. To pray for thesemen&women that work for us everyday. They don’t getenough creditor appreciation.

I quilted flames.. she also asked me to quilt in a silhouette of the twin towers..so I did..over a 9-11 remembrance shirt…. also his name.

Many blessings to his family and Thanks Tisha for honoring him in this way!



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