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This Happy glow has been on my list for quite some time. I found it when I was looking for something to use up a great stack of fat eighths that I was gifted a few years ago. The cute little bundle was so cute all wrapped up for display on my shelf…I wasn’t in a real hurry to use them. They are Central Park by Kate Spain. IMG_8838

The pattern is a free pattern by Happy Zombie. You can find it here.

I made mine a bit bigger..I wanted to use as many of the fabrics as I could. I did leave a few out…all of the animal ones and a few companions. I thought they were so cute ….they would make a cute baby quilt. Roo also used them for her Hope quilt.   IMG_8839

So I I made 60 lanterns…which made a long skinny quilt….I added the side borders to bring it up to twin size. It will be a fun quilt to quilt…..But I first have to applique and embroider the tassels and hooks at the top & bottom of each row of lanterns. That will be a great finishing detail.  IMG_8840 IMG_8841

I also finished a table runner. I bought the kit at a show last fall. I did change it up a little bit…..I think I often change things ..just so I can have my own spin on something…even if the change is just minor.IMG_8837

You can get the pattern here.

As you can see Mine is a little different. I used Winter’s lane fabrics…so pretty!

But Mine is ready for quilting….I embroidered the center of the flowers and added a bit to the swirl.IMG_8836

Clarissa loves it …..after she ooohed & awed over it she said ” But you can’t put this on our table…you know that right?” I said “Why?” She said “Because it won’t match my placemats.” She has been working with Donna on making place mats for a table…and she is right they won’t match….but I can’ use this else where ->I guess. Sheesh!IMG_8835


So I actually got something accomplished this week. I have also been working on some embroidery and what not.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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