Glow Happy Lanterns Quilted

Well I finally got this little number quilted.  I pieced it quite some time ago…but the idea of it started several years ago…like before this Kate Spain line, Central Park was actually released….because you see I had the fabrics when they were released at market….you know before anyone else can get them….and yet my poor project sat until all of the fabrics became vintage. What’s the use of having *new* fabric if you aren’t going to use it until it’s vintage? I am not sure…I apparently am not a cool kid. I am that wild kid that uses vintage stuff and makes it cool….what do you call that kid? Cause that’s me.


So I had a fat 8th’s pack of her line and used several of them for my lanterns. I also added white backgrounds and a Kaffe print to mix in. Kaffe goes with everything right? right!



I have to say it was a struggle to figure out how to quilt this for me. I didn’t know if I should mix & match textures in the lanterns ect. But what I decided to do was make them all the same with simple straight lines. That way the fabric and lantern could be the focus of the quilt. I only added those side borders because the quilt was so narrow….I didn’t have enough fabrics (that I liked) to make more lanterns. I kept the animal prints and a few extras aside for a baby quilt.


So at the top of each lantern is a hook that was supposed to be appliqued on. I didn’t applique it. I just put black thread in my machine and went over that area several times until I reached a thickness of what the hook should be.

IMG_0778 IMG_0777

At the bottom is a circle with fringe hanging. I sewed on the circle with my machine and then added the fringe the same way as the hook.


IMG_0779 IMG_0780

Here are a few close ups of the center & border:

IMG_0781 IMG_0782



This is such a fun pattern and a great way to showcase those pretty fabrics that we don’t really want to cut into. I think this would also be really pretty with Asian fabrics. Here is the free pattern. I love Monica’s Patterns and fabrics. 🙂 I just love her last name. Her last name is Snow. How cool is that ( like the pun?) One of my all time favorite shows is 3’s company. Chrissy’s real name is Christmas Snow. Chrissy Snow. Did you know that? If not now you do. I love that name…I wouldn’t do that to any of my kids….but I think it’s great!  Anyhow…..I hope you are all having a fabulous week!


Here is the back. I just used cuts from my stash for a scrappy back.



I sat around all day watching netflix yesterday. …We are all hooked on a show which is particularly bad for kids….yet mine have seen them all already….so it’s been awkward that I don’t know what all is going on-half of the time….and they do ( not because they have seen it before…but because they are more “worldly” than me….not a good thing). So I won’t say the series because I am far to ashamed to admit to what we are watching….But it has saved me from having to watch Gossip Girl ( Clarissa’s choice for our next series…oh bother). I did try to watch house of cards…unfortunately the first scene in the series is a man killing a dog….with his bare hands. So we turned that off never to watch again. In this house dogs are not ok to kill…however they watch all of these shoot em up & kill them movies where the human is the target and that’s ok. A dog not so much.  I agree with the dog part…..I wasn’t going to watch that myself…but I also don’t like movies where human life is not valued as well. But that is a discussion for another day. Rob is home today…so I only get part-time Tv. I did manage to make great progress on an embroidery project yesterday while watching TV. I am going to get some other stuff prepared…..that I “should” be working on.

How does time escape so quickly?


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