Glacier Star

Diane made this quilt top for me…I sent her the fabric and she pieced in trade for quilting. I LOVE this quilt and it took me a few years to quilt it….:)

I love Judy Niemeyer patterns…and I don’t mind paper piecing. But I cannot follow along on those because it’s like a foreign language. …they seem so difficult for me.

so I will gladly trade for these quilts….she did such a great job….It’s beautiful!

I used a gold thread…and I kept all of the designs pretty simple. Feathers, swirls, l’s and loops. It turned out lovely.

I am really happy with the color placement and all of the fabrics. It turned out so fabulous!

Thanks Diane!

I work with the best people.

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween! I wanted to post Halloween quilts today but I guess they haven’t been edited yet. I will try to do that so I can get them posted later,

booo to you!


4 thoughts on “Glacier Star

  1. I am so disappointed you have changed the size of your pictures. I can no longer see your beautiful quilting. I also have to cut and paste the address for the pic in order to view it. Can you please go back to your former way of posting? It was so much easier. Love seeing your work as well as the piecers’! Thanks!

  2. It is absolutely stunning, but I concur with what Helen G says, the photos are difficult to see and do not do justice to the quilts.

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