Girls Weekend September 2013

HI friends!

Well this weekend was a fun one.

It started on Friday….I went with a few of my local quilting friends to the Wenatchee quilt show. We had breakfast drove an hour to the show and then shopped, ate lunch and laughed. Great times.

But I had a rough start….I stayed up late on Thursday paying bills, quilting and trying to get everything organized. Which as a mom …with a big family and lots of responsibility has to do. I wasn’t sure if Rob was going to be reliable. He is on call 24/7 during harvest. So he was supposed to have the weekend off…which was just to convenient. As soon as I got our of town I got the call saying he was going to have to work on Saturday and the kids would be left home alone during the day. UGH! So anyway hardly any sleep two nights in a row….then I tried curling my hair….my curling iron broke. Plugged in another one… broke…this is half way through my hair being finished. I still wasn’t packed or dressed and I had about 15 minutes until I was supposed to leave. So I did the best I could. I threw some clothes in my bags and left.

I was a bit nervous because Bryce also had a date on Friday night. All of the kids went to the football game. Then after the football game Bryce was supposed to go to the movies with Demi and her Mom..and maybe for ice cream. So I made sure they would have a parent and all would be fine. But no matter what I get nervous. Demi is actually coming to dinner with our family today(Sunday). That way we can meet her and see how they interact together. we also invited our Pastor and his wife. They are family. Demi is interested in going to church with us. So she will maybe know a few people before she goes. 🙂

After my local quilty friends left Wenatchee I went to craft warehouse and picked up some great cuts of fabric for 3.00 a yard. Yes I said 3.00$ a YARD! Yahoo! Kaffe, Amy, Valorie Wells flannel and some fillers. Great! cute! Fabulous!

Then it was time to head to Leavenworth, WA  to spend time with my life-long girlfriends. ( we all met in high school and have remained friends) Stacey couldn’t make it. But Carla, mary, Courtney and I had a great time. If you all  have never been to Leavenworth and you have the chance you should. It’s a little German town tucked in the mountains and woods. It’s a Themed town…with lots of festivals and entertainment. It’s in a perfect location …and you just feel good when you are there. Everything is a bit spendy..and they serve schnitzel & sausage everywhere (which I don’t eat) along with beer..which I also don’t drink. But the atmosphere is fun. I was able to find plenty of things to eat….:) No worries.

We had laughs, bonding time and shopping time.

They had an Art show that we strolled through. Courtney and I even painted little canvas’ at a booth. We also all posed for a characterture (sp?)….   which was not my idea but I was being a good sport. I have to say it didn’t look like any of us……but it was fun.

We decided to head back to Wenatchee for some much needed pedicures. The massaging chairs were nice…and the pedis were great…..but there was a certain cycle on the massaging chair that surprised all of us to the point of making us jump out of our chairs…..there is a round knob that pops out under your butt…yeah! Surprise! Good grief …who would like that? So we all quickly learned how to adjust our setting accordingly.

After Pedicures we decided to try out a VIP movie. This is a new to us thing. The Wenatchee theatre has a whole section in their theatre that is for VIP’s. You spend 15.50 for a ticket. Then you are escorted to a certain area of the theatre. You have to be over 21. But you get to go to a little bar area…order appetizers, eat dinner..get your snacks without waiting in line. then you go into the theatre with reclining chairs…..yes. Tons of leg room and a comfy side table. YES! It was so comfy and nice. I would definitely do this again.   I don’t drink….but I love the recliners & leg room.

We watched “The family” It was a dark comedy, I must say. It was OK. It’s not a movie I will buy or anything. But it was OK.

Then we went back to our hotel for hours of conversation. Which is what we do best.

Our hotel was less than stellar…LOL. But we survived through it…barely. ( just kidding Carla)

Girls weekends are always fun…..but they are more than that. It’s hard to explain. we have all been friends more than 20 years. we’ve seen every side of each other and we love each other anyway. We can’t fool each other…it’s comfortable. It’s accepting. We always laugh. I love that.

We lift each other up when we are struggling. We help each other. We don’t have jealousy….or harbor hurts. We just meet each other where we are. we always pick up where we left off if it’s been awhile. Life is to short. We talked about that. How time has  gone by? It doesn’t seem possible that our own children are the ages we were when we met. It just goes to show that you just never know who God will bring in your life….and when.

Well I must catch up and get organized for dinner. I would also like to admire all of new cuts of fabric before they go into the stash bins.


I hope you all have a blessed day!




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