Gilmore Chickies

Well I couldn’t wait to finish this one. You can find the original post here.

Just in case you want the free pattern ect. šŸ™‚


I am not sure why?? It’s a scrappy and it looks much like many of my other projects…but maybe that’s why? I wasn’t intimidated by it….and I just wanted it to be finished. It’s rare that I finish one of my own so quickly ……quite frankly. I usually sit on them for awhile and wait to quilt them. But I think I am just so proud that I was able to make 12 hand embroidered blocksĀ  in a month and have them pieced together…I think it’s a firstĀ  time for me….:)

So why not just continue through the finish line? Yep! That’s what I did!

IMG_9959 IMG_9960 IMG_9961

So I quilted little curls in the cream sashing & border. I used my ruler for cross hatching in the little jelly squares….and in the embroidery blocks…I really debated…whether I should leave them alone or quilt in them. I couldn’t resist….I am not sure if I like it any better quilted or not?? The pictures just show mainly quilting…so my stitching kind of gets lost. So I tried getting pics in different lighting. But I did try to match the quilting in each block to the them of the block. October had little I quilted a spider web in the block. August had cross hatching in the center of the flower…ect. That’s how I chose the different design. All about texture…you know how I am.

IMG_9973 IMG_9974 IMG_9975 IMG_9976

So it’s less than perfect…..but it was a really fun project. It’s something I just really wanted to make from the moment I saw it. You know that happens right? It’s finally done…and that feels really good.

Thanks so much for looking! Have a Great day!



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